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    Download the file with the button below and extract it to any folder.

  • Start the application

    You might see “Windows protected your PC”, simply click “More info” > “Run anyway”.

  • Enable/disable the cheats you want and enjoy!

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Main features

  • Spawn & Customize Vehicles
  • The capacity of Menyoo to spawn and customize vehicles is one of its most potent features. Players can spawn any kind of vehicle they desire using this function, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and even airplanes. Additionally, they can alter the color, add unique components, and even tune the engines of the automobiles.

  • Teleport Across Los Santos
  • The teleportation system on Menyoo is yet another fantastic feature. This enables them to teleport immediately to any point within the game, such as the top of big structures or the middle of the ocean. For players who are attempting to fulfill certain missions or game objectives, this functionality can be extremely helpful.

  • Change Weather, Gravity & Much More/li>

    Other elements that Menyoo offers include the flexibility to alter the game's gravity as well as the weather and time of day. Additionally, it offers the player a number of options, such as the power to fly, endless ammo, and god mode. Overall, Menyoo is a strong and feature-rich mod menu that can significantly improve Grand Theft Auto V gamers' gameplay.

How to use Menyoo Mod Menu

menyoo mod menu

How to install and use

There are a few requirements before we move on to the part on how to install the mod securely. By downloading and installing the three programs, you'll need the necessary files.

These are essential for both Menyoo Trainer's installation and ultimate performance. Therefore, proceed to install: Community Script Hook V. NET, Script Hook V, OpenIV.

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